Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Okay, I lied...

I think it is easy to get wound up in the timing of things, and lose sight of what your goals are...were.

I started this blog to document my time as a Mercy Volunteer Corps member, and thought I could successfully transition it over to a new program, which hasn't happened. The fact is, the two are too different and I was trying to make them one and the same. Over time, this blog, like incarnations before it, has evolved as I have evolved.

One of my goals was to become more visible in the DOC (diabetes online community) as I was struggling with becoming more medically independent.

Another goal was to successfully transition from one living situation to another. Although the transition has been successful, I have not given it enough credit it deserves as a stepping stone in my life.

There are many other things...other paths that I can do with this blog instead of letting it die a lonely death. I think the biggest thing is coming to terms with the idea that I am never going to become one of those prevalent bloggers...not about faith, not about education, not about diabetes.

And? That's okay. Because I am me, and these are my stories and struggles to share with my readers on my own time, in my own way. And, I'm happy like that.

Blog re-opened.

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