Monday, January 20, 2014


I feel like my heart is breaking as I write this.

My bunny, Chicory, died this morning. I had Chickie for eight years. He was my friend, he was a source of comfort when I was sad, and he was an awesome cuddler. I don't even care that cuddler isn't really a word. I miss him so much already. I miss how he would sit on my shoulder and sniff my ears, how he would play hide and seek for a yogurt treat, and hoe he always knew the right time to just sit in my lap and let me hold him.

My nephews loved him, and he reciprocated. He was so gentle with two little boys who wanted to hop with him and brush his fur and pet him with sticky fingers. He liked to go out for walks on a leash, and lie in the sun.

He was my friend, and I will miss him. Sleep sweetly, my precious boy.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Okay, I lied...

I think it is easy to get wound up in the timing of things, and lose sight of what your goals are...were.

I started this blog to document my time as a Mercy Volunteer Corps member, and thought I could successfully transition it over to a new program, which hasn't happened. The fact is, the two are too different and I was trying to make them one and the same. Over time, this blog, like incarnations before it, has evolved as I have evolved.

One of my goals was to become more visible in the DOC (diabetes online community) as I was struggling with becoming more medically independent.

Another goal was to successfully transition from one living situation to another. Although the transition has been successful, I have not given it enough credit it deserves as a stepping stone in my life.

There are many other things...other paths that I can do with this blog instead of letting it die a lonely death. I think the biggest thing is coming to terms with the idea that I am never going to become one of those prevalent bloggers...not about faith, not about education, not about diabetes.

And? That's okay. Because I am me, and these are my stories and struggles to share with my readers on my own time, in my own way. And, I'm happy like that.

Blog re-opened.