Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cabrini Compliments

A few months ago, I received a friend request from someone styling themselves "Cabrini Compliments". I looked at the page and waited a few days to accept a friend request to see what the idea behind an anonymous moniker was. It is probably the best idea ever created on that campus!

Cabrini Compliments was created by a student at school, actually, one of my good friends (lips sealed) to embrace the community spirit at Cabrini, to encourage the students and staff to compliment each other on things both large and small. The mission statement of this project is:

Cabrini Compliments is a social project that aims to spread joy to the Cabrini Community. Simply inbox a compliment or a message of appreciation that you may have about a member of the Cabrini community, and have it published here anonymously. So if there is something nice you have to say about someone but don't feel comfortable saying it to their face, inbox away. Your name will be kept anonymous. Keep in mind that hateful or rude remarks will be completely disregarded.

 It's immensely popular and the student behind it puts in a lot of work to keep the page updated. It hasn't been quiet a single day since it was created. I am incredibly proud of my friend for creating this project, for spreading not only happiness to our small school community, but for also spreading love and compassion. Everyone wants to hear the good attributes about themselves, and they should. Cabrini Compliments does just that. 

I have sent in a few compliments, and received my first one today which split my face with grin so large I looked like the Cheshire cat (an earnest one though!). It feels good to be acknowledged, to reinforce the idea that you are important to someone else. My compliment made my day, and probably, my week. My compliment: 

First off, I miss you and am so proud of how far you have gone in one year! You are an inspiration to me and many people wanting to become teachers. Next, you are beautiful inside and out. If there was only one way to describe you, it'd have to be unbelievably incredible. I know you're on an amazing adventure right now, but know that Cabrini isn't the same without your wit and smile to brighten up the day. You're such an incredible person with an infectious laugh and are always there for support your friends through any tough times. You know just what to say no matter the situation and often go out of your way to help others. You are missed and I hope all your dreams and then some come true because you deserve it!

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