Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Artisitc Talent!

So...this week I am an art teacher! Our regular art teacher hasn't arrived yet, and as the schedules are still being redone, someone needed to step in and watch over the classes. Now, I am no artist, but I can manage my way around an easel. So, instead of sitting there and staring at each other, or assigning them a study hall (and there is no work in this first week) I am setting up mini assignments to keep the students busy and get them used to the art room.

My level three students are fantastic and they are working on charcoal drawings of the school, spread out through the hallway. My level one students are working on drawing and shading cans. Watching their faces as they work are funny because they are so new at it and they don't really understand the purpose of drawing cans. It's okay, when I was a new art student, I thought cans were stupid too. But I do enjoy the messy fun of it. I like walking behind the students with a piece of charcoal and helping them fix their perspective, round out the ovals and capture the light reflections.

I'm no artist, but at least I can draw a can!

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