Friday, July 27, 2012

Where is Arizona, Au-Jamee?

Today, Lucas and Brennan are at the house and are spending the night with us. I've been trying to tell them for the last two weeks that I am going away for a year in a way that they would understand (they are 4 and 2). Today, I was at the computer answering some emails when Lucas crawled up into my lap and wanted to know where Arizona was.

I pulled up a map of the United States and showed him where PA was, and then showed him where AZ was. I drew a line with my finger from PA to AZ and asked him if he knew how far the two states were from each other. He shook his head no, and so we googled the address of our house and the place in Arizona where I will be missioned. I told him was over 2,000 miles and his eyes got real big and said that that was a really big number.

I love the innocent curiosity of small children, and I had to laugh at what his little brother, Brennan, asked me:   "Are you going to spend pwesents from Adizonda"?

Probably, Brennan.

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