Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mother Cabrini

Happy Birthday, Mother Cabrini!

Frances (Francesca) Cabrini established 67 institutions in her 67 years, and her legacy continues through many of those continuous operations, new institutions established in her name, and the work of her order, the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She is the Patroness of Immigrants, and my Confirmation namesake.

When she was younger, she was told she was too frail to be a sister and was turned away from some religious organizations. Undeterred, she founded her own. Afraid of the water, she nevertheless traveled the ocean many times to accomplish her work and never backed down, not even from the religious men who scoffed her. Wanting to go to China, she accepted a mission to come to the United States and eventually became the first American citizen (naturalized) to become a Saint.

Mother Cabrini cultivated educators and healthcare workers to fulfill her missions. She taught her Sisters to be compassionate and instilled a legacy of “Education of the Heart” (sound familiar?) in them, teaching them to be loving and kind to their pupils.

I am honored to have been educated with the philosophy of “Education of the Heart” at Cabrini College. I am honored that I had the chance to spend a summer with the Cabrini Mission Corps, and learn more about Mother Cabrini’s incredible legacy. I am honored to take her legacy into my own classroom and implement compassionate teaching and love into my classes.

Mother Cabrini took the missionary world by storm by holding her head high and staying true to what she valued. She accomplished much in 67 short years and her passion lives strong in the MSC Sisters, Cabrini Students and Missioners, Cabrini Lay Missionaries and Companions and all those who have felt touched by her presence. 

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