Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Open Skies (Ha!)

This past weekend, we had a track meet in Gallup, and the weather was gorgeous! It topped off at about 78F, which is a high for the season so far, and everyone was running around in their t-shirts.

April on the Rez is also windy season. And, when I say windy season, I don't mean the occasional high gust of wind- I mean, you see objects and people go flying. You cover your face in order to keep it...you ensure a daily calcium intake through dirt if you don't cover your mouth well enough.

My kids laugh as I come in from lunch (cafeteria is across campus) and dump dirt out of my shoe into the trash can. There is no such thing as a skyscraper out here...the wind blows across the open areas in a brutal attempt to knock you off your feet. It snatches doors out of your hands. Yesterday, I caught a flying nun. Sister was trying to hold the door for me so I could carry the mail, but we both lost that contest and ended up smushed against each other in the doorway as the wind laughed at us.

Then, it started to rain. I love the rain, more than people usually do. I love to dance in it, be in it. However, simple science tells us what happens when you mix water and dirt: MUD. So, we have crazy swirling dirt playing tag with the wind, and you have the rain. Suddenly, it is raining mud.


A few friends and I were in a car going to watch the final basketball game for March Madness (congrats, Louisville) and as we are going down the highway, I am just watching in fascination as muddy droplets roll down the windows.

Then, this morning, I woke up to see snow on the ground.

Well, then. There really is nothing like Rez life!

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