Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Little Things

I tell everyone that one day, I am going to write a book. Since the conception of this "book" idea, I've had a hundred different ideas and proposed chapters. I've decided that if it ever gets off the ground, I am going to dedicate at least one chapter to quotes. The little tidbits of conversation that make me laugh and remember an excellent day.

My drama students are putting on a play entitled "A Christmas to Remember". One of the scenes is where Elizabeth has given birth to John (the Baptist) and her husband Zechariah, who was struck dumb by the angel Gabriel has reclaimed his voice. In the scene, Zechariah lifts John to his chest and proclaims, "His name is to be John!" The student playing the role of Zechariah is so sweet, and he wants to do a great job. On this occasion he grabs the prop we are using until we can get a doll and lifts him over his head, shouting "HIS NAME IS JOHN!"

Everyone bursts out laughing, after a moment the student does too.

Me: "Zachariah, I appreciate the enthusiasm, but please don't Rafiki the baby!"
Student: "Sorry, Ms. T!"

The play is coming along wonderfully. I am so excited to see these kids get on stage and present what they have been working on. We'll just work on keeping the Lion King out of this show. :)

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